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VLOOKUP with the function argument FALSE

The VLOOKUP searches the first column of an array and traverses the row to the right to return the value of a cell

Syntax = VLOOKUP (search criterion, matrix, column index, range_link)

The last function argument for VLOOKUP (range_link) is a logical value (TRUE or FALSE) in which you specify whether a similar, smaller value (TRUE) or exactly the same value (FALSE) is to be found.
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Now we want to find out for the customers how high their sales and the delivery fee are
We have a different matrix and a different search criterion.

• The first column of the matrix does not have to be sorted in ascending order
• The matrix does not have to be inserted with an absolute reference, we do not want to copy it down
• The last argument (area_reference) must now be FALSE so that the exact value is found
Now we can fill the search criterion with another name and get the results for this customer. If we enter a name that does not exist in the list, the error message #NV appears

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Published on - 20. Sep 2021
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